Large Action Pack


Large Action Pack

USD $50.00
Short Description

Our largest and best value Action Pack.

Action Packs are how you reload your Pozetron account with credit to make phone calls, send SMS or make network requests when an event matches your predefined criteria. Each action pack adds a certain number of Action Credits to your account which can then be used later.

The Large Action Pack adds 150 credits.

Each credit can be used for:

  • Up to a minute of Voice/Phone
  • 10 SMS
  • 100 network requests

Phone calls are billed in one minute increments, with a minimum of one minute. Phone calls use a high quality text to speech service to provide your users with a pleasant recording of your text.

Note: Phone calls and SMS are not yet available in some countries and requires a confirmed phone number to use. Please confirm your phone number before purchasing if you want to be sure.

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